IP Video Surveillance and Security – Physical Security Devices by Linuro Tech in Pakistan

When we talk about security and protection, the name comes in our mind is Grandstream IP surveillance solutions. If you are looking for HD security cameras you should take a look at Grand stream’s physical security equipment to secure your homes, offices with their advanced tools. Our video surveillance solutions offer you the best physical security and protection with their cutting-edge technology including, HD IP cameras, Network video recorders, IP video encoders/decoders, Video management software, and video door system.

HD IP Cameras – GVX3600 – High resolution security camera

HD IP Cameras

The GXV3600 series of HD IP cameras designs for the security and protection of the users them looking for. Users can install and manage it easily. Our GXV3600 facilitate you with plus point of full HD resolution and automated video calls besides to email screenshots.

GVR series of Network Video Recorders – Grandstream Physical Security devices

Network Video Recorders

The top class cameras have the right to have quality NVRs. The GVR series of Network Video Recorders NVRs brings the best solution for an exclusive video recording and live monitoring for all kind of businesses. It’s not only capable to record videos in a digital format in a USB drive, SD card and disk drive but also have the quality of movement detection and can be federated with third party security and alarm devices.

Grandstream IP video encoders and decoders in Pakistan – Grandstream GXV3500 series

IP Video Encoders/Decoders

Integrate your analog cameras with Grandstream's award winning series of GXV3500. This easy to use device allows you to easily convert your IP cameras to an analog device, and analog cameras to an IP network. These Grandstream IP video encoders and decoders in Pakistan can help you to safe your homes and offices up to mark.

Gsurf Pro v2 – Video Management software

Video Management Software

Introducing the most advanced version of Grandstream's GSurf Pro v2 is management software that helps you to freely convert your laptops and computers into a video surveillance monitoring solutions. It supports up to 72 Grandstream cameras for video recording, indexing and searching with the most comprehensive range of video management solution on the market.

Video Door systems – Physical Security devices by Linuro Tech

Video Door Systems

The newly released GDS3710 is an IP Door System that offers an absolute solution for access control, video intercom and security requirement. The GDS series of video door system makes possible to track, manage and record access actual building and offers powerful integration with other digital door lock solutions.