Grandstream IP PBX Appliances

Grandstream's UCM6100 series of IP PBXS appliances are designed as a strong tool that can combine many communication features such as voice, video calling, video conferencing, data and mobility communications to any business market. These easy to use UCM6100 series provide safe and dependable solutions at an unrivaled price with no licensing fees enhance fees or costs per feature.

IP PBX UCM Series to manage multiple communication devices

UCM Series IP PBXs

Our UCM range of IP PBXS designed to unify boundless features for the communication requirements. This series allows you to manage multiple communication technologies like voice, video calling, video conferencing, security surveillance, data tools, and mobility to small and medium businesses without any licensing fees, upgrade fees or costs per features.

UCM series of IP PBXS offers you to take benefit of a quality network that supports up to 500 users and 50 SIP accounts. This award-wining series offers a great set of advanced communication solutions without any licensing cost as well as provide an edge-cutting solution to any communication network.