Grandstream IP Phones and IP telephony Devices

Grandstream is the constructor of all telephony devices, IP phones, gateways, business conferencing and analog telephone adapters (ATAs). Grandstream grants any small and average business their well-founded equipment that's simply installed and handle. Grandstream products make a way for you to communicate with your team anywhere in the world with reliability and security. Take a look at our boundless variety of advanced IP voice telephony devices.

High end IP-Phones – IP Telephony

High End IP Phones

Our High-End IP Phones are a perfect solution for those who use phones over and over and require access to advance features, line support, and useful options. Our IP Phones are capable of receiving numerous calls and approaching in the higher-ranking quality tools. It’s an ideal device for receptionists, desk employees and office administrators.

IP telephony extension modules – GXP2200EXT

Extension Modules

Extension Module set-up is designed for high call volume users who need to raise call control efficiency. Our GXP2200EXT allow users to enjoy magnified production by record and transmit a number of incoming calls.

GXP 1600 series – Basic IP Phones in Pakistan

Basic IP Phones

Our Basic IP Phones are instinctive and simple choice for the people who need effective and progressive connection. GXP1600 series of basic IP phones provides efficient communication and affordable telephony solution that need access to VoIP but does not require advanced features. The GXP1600 phone series are perfect for schools, lobbies, hotel rooms and offices.

Softphone mobile app – Linuro Tech

Softphone App

Grandstream wave is a softphone application that allows users to connect their incoming and outgoing voice or video calls through many of different business SIP accounts on any android device freely worldwide. This application is effective to use on any AndroidTM and iOS device to raise mobility and help users to connect easily to any important communication.

Cordless IP Phones – VoIP Network – DP720 and DP750

Cordless IP Phones

The DP720 is a DECT cordless VoIP based station. The DP720 and DP750 set features up to ten SIP accounts per handset, full HD audio, along with three-way audio conferencing. Users can feel from their desks and mobilize their VoIP network throughout any business, warehouse and residential environment.

GXP1700 – Midrange-IP Phones by Linuro Tech

Mid-Range IP Phones

The GXP1700 series delivers, advance VoIP telephony features and superb audio quality that helps to grow your business in a limited budget. This series offer mid-range features with its sleek, elegant and high-end design that has the ability to grow your business at a very amazing price. They are best for the areas where mid to high range is required.