Business conferencing and business conferencing solutions in Pakistan

Grandstream is the name of loyalty and revolution in the business world. We have a degree of excellence in HD video conferencing and audio conferencing solutions in Pakistan. Our mission is to come up with full HD video quality and desirable audio conference system in a manner able way which assures you to provide communication free from perceptible projections. Grandstream gives an opportunity for low to high-end business conferencing on a large scale that makes part of both HD video conferencing and audio conferencing systems.

HD video conferencing – GVC series

Full HD Conferencing

Grandstream products and equipment of HD video conferencing is providing end to end solution for our customers. Install a GVC in any network connection and take pleasure of crystal clear video conferencing solution. So if you are looking for a desirable quality of equipment for HD video conferencing keep your eyes on our GVC series that gives authority to any business with a powerful visual collaboration with teams working from anywhere in the world smoothly.

Grandstream audio conferencing devices – GAC series by Linuro Tech

Audio Conferencing

Having a high-quality GAC series, Grandstream audio conferencing in Pakistan brings a system that modifies your conferencing experience which is manufactured for high-class communication focused on business meetings. Grandstream conferencing phones take the meeting and conferences experience to the next level. With our advanced tools and equipments such as the GAC 2005, you will be able to collaborate with your team members, anytime and anywhere worldwide effortlessly.

Linuro Tech connects the world with it’s outclass business conferencing tools including both audio conferencing as well as full HD conferencing video system. It provides business conferencing solutions in Pakistan that situate to any network. Make these reasonable and latest technologies an asset on any conference table.