Linuro Tech has proved itself as a reliable, stable and trustworthy partner of Business Communications, Business Conferencing Solutions, IP Voice Telephony, IP Video Telephony, and Business Video Conferencing products in Pakistan. Our well-reputed Business Conferencing Solution for full HD and 4K conferencing and Audio conferencing made a significant impact for various businesses to grow in their domains. Our wide range of IP Voice and Video Telephony makes a quality network between you and your clients.

In past years, we have demonstrated ourselves by picking up extensive number of organization's trust, each one of them are currently of esteemed customers.

Linuro Tech's expertise comes into efficient project planning & management, hardware selection, installation, upkeep and ongoing support as well as providing administrational duties. Through the system coordination and application abilities, utilizing technology and Internet innovation, we give our clients constant upper hand in their respective industry. Linuro Tech can arrange and make available appropriate hardware equipment with necessary software packages across the Country and apply best in class driving edge innovation to an aggregate framework viewpoint to fathom our customer's most difficult tasks. We develop and apply hybrid technologies, by envisioning our new or existing customer's necessity in ever changing and complex Industry patterns to always stay ahead.

Our Team at Linuro Tech is the main stream partner and distributor for Grandstream (a USA based technology) and has relationships with almost al leading IP/VolP Phones & UCMS, Call Center solution, advanced server machines, commercial grade visual screens, Digital Signage, Video Conferencing solutions physical layer gadgets, firewalls, switching equipment’s for Networking, Virtualization & Data Center solution and last but not least quality Security & Surveillance Solutions to fit every budget Wo can also recommend and deploy most efficient and appropriate open source solution depending on client's needs.

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